Dr Nicholas Bevan

Dr Nicholas Bevan

Wednesday, 31 July 2013


The DfT is on a collision course with European Community law

In a surprise twist to the long running saga over the UK’s failure to fully implement the European Motor Vehicle Insurance Directives, the Department for Transport has issued a bold statement today in which it maintains that the MIB Agreements do in fact ‘fulfil the UK’s obligations under EU motor insurance law’.  It also maintains that the proposals, set out in its consultation paper back in February, was ‘the result of a full review following discussions with the MIB over the past three years’.

The DfT has given a strong indication that it does not intend to change course. 

However the DfT has confirmed that it will not adhere to its original plan of publishing a final report this month.  It says that this is because it needs to enter into detailed discussions with the MIB. So something must have changed, even if we are not invited to share the secret! 

The DfT now plans to announce its final proposals later this autumn.

The DfT’s statement means that it is at loggerheads with those who are calling for extensive reform in this area.

More news will follow shortly.

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