Dr Nicholas Bevan

Dr Nicholas Bevan

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Motor Claims: Extensive Reforms & Full Legal Update

On 15 June in London and 16 June in Manchester

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This course carries 6 CPD points and is APIL accredited.
'Excellent speaker, very enthusiastic and probably the best I've seen'
Lisa Mulgrew, Solicitor, PCJ Solicitors

This course covers the latest liability decision and delivers cutting-edge new thinking in response to several important developments that challenge several longstanding misconceptions about claimants' rights under national and European law.

It will explain the key principles and it will apply them through fun interactive sessions so as to make the training accessible to all levels of fee earner. it will take you through all the practical steps to ensure that your clients recover their full compensatory entitlement: whether from a contractual or statutory RTA insurer, an owner in breach of the statutory duty to insure or from the Motor Insurers Bureau.

Delegates will be left with a clear understanding of the core principles and how to apply and enforce the more generous level of compensatory protection afforded under Community law.

What You Will Learn
This course will cover the following:

  • Compensation Recovery and why we cannot take our national law provision at face value
    • Key provisions within the Road Traffic Act 1988, the EC Rights Against Insurers Regulations 2002 and the MIB Agreements
    • Minister held liable for unlawful MIB exclusion clause
    • Three very important Court of Appeal decisions that expose the flaws in UK implementation of the European Motor Insurance Directives
    • Community Law - understanding the core principles and how to apply and enforce the more generous level of compensatory protection afforded under Community law
    • What's wrong with the RTA 1988 and MIB Agreements - a fun interactive session where delegates identify for themselves flaws within the RTA 1988 and the MIB Agreements
    • Update on the Delaney appeal and why this case is so important to every fee earner
    • What is the legal standing of an Article 75 insurer?
  • Liability Update
    • The latest liability decisions
    • Priority at a roundabout - is it just a question of who crosses the line first?
    • Is there a duty to slow down to help an overtaking driver?
    • Ex turpi causa defences and their proper use explained
    • The relevance of the Highway Code
    • New thinking on Highways Act claim
      • Does the national road maintenance code set the standard?
      • Why Bolam might be relevant to a Highways Act claim?
    • Apportionment of liability and Contributory Negligence
      • General principles/Seat belt update/Cycle helmets
      • Appealing a first instance apportionment of liability
      • Children cases/drunk pedestrians/drunk drivers and more
  • Accidents abroad
    • Overview of the rules for jurisdiction and applicable law
    • New cases that make it easier to claim in the UK for an accident in the EU
  • Damages
    • Update on loss of use and credit hire
    • Why reform is likely
  • Law reform
    • Why the European Commission is investigating the UK national law provision for RTA victims
    • Latest on the sacking of the minister responsible for the flawed DfT review of the MIB Agreements
    • Latest on the Competition Commission enquiry into dysfunctional insurer practices
    • Latest on the MoJ proposals for whiplash claims

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