Dr Nicholas Bevan

Dr Nicholas Bevan

Monday, 12 September 2016


Motor Insurers Bureau claims update, NICHOLAS BEVAN, NICK BEVAN

MIB UPDATE WEBINAR: 15 SEPTEMBER 2016 AT 13.00 - 14.00

 New insights into Motor Insurance Bureau claims

Don’t miss this essential know-how update for all fee earners handing RTA claims.

If …
  • you are not familiar with the ground breaking research that establishes the MIB’s direct liability to compensate victims of motor accidents:

o   On private property
o   Caused by vehicles not intended for road use
o   Caused by driverless/ automated vehicles
  • you don’t know which established House of Lords and Court of Appeal dicta are no longer good law and why…
  • you don’t fully appreciate the legal significance to your clients of the MIB agreements being more than mere private law agreements
  • you think that Francovich actions are a preferred solution

your competitors will know better - by the end of next Thursday’s webinar. 

Join Thursday’s cutting edge webinar to stay ahead of the game.

Feedback from Nicholas’s 2014 webinar on the Court of Justice’s judgment in Damijan Vnuk:

·         Nicholas Bevan's enthusiasm is infectious
·         Interesting topic delivered with enthusiasm
·         A thoroughly rivetting seminar by Nicholas Bevan , who has an outstanding understanding of his subject
·         and an unbridled enthusiasm to make his knowledge work for the benefit of accident victims.
·         A very entertaining speaker!

OR CONTACT: Anthony Lord at APIL on: 0115 958 0585

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