Dr Nicholas Bevan

Dr Nicholas Bevan

Friday, 2 September 2016


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Announcing a brand new full-day RTA liability update course in two parts
If you handle RTA claims then this is something you cannot afford to miss

In the morning:

We will focus is still on the third party motor cover that our clients depend on for full compensatory redress.  This is a rapidly evolving area of the law has been long neglected by Parliament and widely misunderstood by the judiciary. It is badly flawed, often inconsistent. It is also in a state of flux, particularly in anticipation of a Brexit and the government’s proposals for introducing driverless cars. 
  • Ground breaking research, new insights and ongoing developments combine to create exciting opportunities for successful legal challenges.  
  • Why product liability law is now essential for RTA practice and other implications of automated driver assistance schemes. 
  • What does this new RTA landscape mean for RTA practitioners?

In the afternoon:

This will consist of a lively general RTA liability case law update:
  • numerous interesting driver liability case authorities and scenarios
  • reviewing contributory negligence (what are the must know authorities? When can you safely challenge a first instance allocation?), and the criminal complicity defence – with new insights
  • RTA’s abroad in the European Union, the Supreme Court decision in Moreno and post Brexit

RTA Update training in Manchester: 24 November 2016

RTA Update training in London: 1 December 2016

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